Cardboard Shoes Boxes: no plastic

9 2021
Cardboard Shoes Boxes: no plastic

One of the ways to increase customers’ interest in a product is to use unusual packaging. You won't surprise anyone with a cardboard shoe box, but if you create an individual memorable design, it will be possible. You can put anything on a luxury shoe box: a logo, a company name, or a collection number.

Boxes are made of environmentally friendly cardboard. This material doesn’t harm the environment and human health, therefore it occupies a special place in the list of the best packaging options. Decorative elements will allow you to create a unique design and establish a connection with consumers.

If you decided to interest buyers in unusual packaging, it means you rely on uniqueness. The development of a unique design for gift boxes for shoes is a simple solution in this situation. Custom sizes and personalization will play key roles in promoting products in the market.

What are gift shoe boxes for?

The carton manufacturer insists that boxes can be used not only for storing shoes. The practicality of the products is an important advantage that has a beneficial effect on the image of the manufacturing company. The order of cardboard shoe boxes wholesale allows you to:

  1. Advertise the brand. A stylish box made of eco-friendly material is the best advertisement. Emphasize the high status of products, focus on respect for nature and attract the attention of the target audience.
  2. Protect against defects. Thick cardboard makes it easy and simple to transport products around the world. The box will protect natural leather and keep its attractiveness intact after receiving.
  3. Create the right image. The company’s reputation comes first. It is worth using cardboard shoes boxes to demonstrate you care for the environment. Bright design will allow you to reach out to young people, while modest style will appeal to serious and confident customers.

Underestimating the choice of packaging means losing the battle for the attention of your target audience. Use luxury cardboard boxes to improve your relationship with consumers, clients, partners. Personalized approach, focus on customers’ preferences, fast production are the key to the success of each company.

What sizes and design of boxes for shoes can you order?

Our own production of large and small, black and white shoe boxes is an excellent platform for all kinds of experiments. You don't have to limit yourself, because access to unusual and original solutions is always at hand. Cooverbox always strictly follows all wishes of its customers.

The assortment of cardboard products is diverse, so customers can choose the main characteristics at their discretion:

  • size (230x300x85, 364x230x90, 500x150x80 mm and others);
  • color (white, black, brown, red, etc.);
  • design (logo, brand, company name);
  • cover (regular, magnetic).

The company can create all sizes and designs, so there is no need to make compromises. A wide range of products for shoes, jewellery, or boxes for wine gifts is what will allow your business to get closer to customers and increase its value in the market.

Where can you order wholesale custom gift boxes for shoes worldwide?

Cooverbox online store offers to make stylish gift shoe boxes. The list of reasons to work with us includes a great assortment of products, reasonable prices, widespread delivery, and attention to details.

Preparations for Christmas and other holidays usually starts long before the date itself. Every company will be able to please its customers with a thematic series of products. Individual design and smart inscriptions on a cardboard box for shoes is a win-win option to reach out to your clients.

A unique approach to solving business problems with the help of our responsible employees will allow you to not only buy paper shoe boxes but also occupy a free niche in the market. Creation of a unique offer and use of slide boxes goes hand in hand, so you shouldn’t ignore the key elements of the promotion strategy.

Focusing on results, as well as the use of modern marketing techniques and drawing attention to products are the correct steps towards a great success.