Custom gift boxes for candy

26 of March 2021
 Custom gift boxes for candy

Manufacturers and distributors strive to pack candies and cookies in beautiful cardboard boxes that will look attractive. To keep sweets well preserved without losing their shape, they should be placed in special trays as they provide additional protection. Boxes with windows and individual gift boxes for candy, truffles or macarons, are proposed to customers. On the pages of the website, it is possible to find packaging for candy of different sizes and weights. Various materials are used for decoration, so the box will look very elegant and original.

Rigid boxes for cookies

In order to display handmade or large-scale candies at their best, just choose the right cookie boxes. Paper products are suitable for a compact storage of flat cookies. There are also bulkier options of boxes for cookies packaging, made of thick cardboard. They perfectly hold their shape and are suitable for any type of sweet treat. The treats will stay in their original form and the unusual packaging will make them look more attractive.

Gift packaging for macarons, chocolate and truffle

For each type of candy, there is a specific type of boxes for candy designed. To properly store macarons, small cookies that are often used as treats at parties and events, it is needed to choose a compact package. Small paper boxes for candy can be selected on the pages of the website. They are made in a classic rectangular form or with a heart shape. Some macaron boxes have special windows that are suitable for displaying the candy. Many models are universal, so it is possible to put inside not only macarons, but also other sweets.

Truffles lovers know how delicious these candies are. They have fillings of different flavors. You can choose for yourself or as a present, candies with:

  • peanut butter;
  • creamy ice-cream;
  • chocolate;
  • liquor and so on.

To make the candies looking good in chosen truffle boxes, it is possible to choose a version with small windows. Transparent boxes are a great way to display the tasty treat.

Chocolates in boxes can be found in every store. To highlight your author's collection of chocolates, you can choose exclusive cheap candy boxes made of paper or heavy cardboard. Do not forget that the surface of the box is suitable for printing your company slogan or logo. So you will attract the attention of customers and increase the recognition of your brand.

What sizes, colors and designs of paper candy boxes can you order?

Boxes of different sizes and shape are offered for packing sweets. You can choose a package for a small amount of candy or a whole set of sweets with different fillings. To prevent treats from melting and mixing, special stands are designed for them. The website offers appropriate chocolate box packaging, in which you can neatly place each candy.

To find a suitable color and design of the box, you can use the special constructor, available in the online store. There are different options for decor that will please you. Bright or calm colors, glossy or matte surface: you can pick up a completely different design. For additional effect, a company name and slogan can be put on the lid. Customers will be happy to receive such a gift after ordering the goods on your website.

Where can you order wholesale custom gift boxes for cheap prices?

To order stylish empty sweet gift boxes, which will be used to pack a treat, just visit the catalog on our website. Here there are options of different boxes and you can pick up the favorite one with an exclusive decor.

Ordering is as simple as possible. For packing large batches of sweets, it is worth choosing the candy box wholesale. You can put a large amount of candy in the original cardboard boxes.

The catalog on our website offers packaging for various goods, not only for food products. If you sell watches, they also need to be carefully packaged before sending them to customers or displaying them in the store. Rigid gift boxes for watches are a great way to create a presentable appearance of products.

Select stylish luxury packaging for jewelry. Inside a solid box, a jewelry is protected from external influences and the stylish look will impress every customer. Receiving a gift in a beautiful and original package: what could be better? Sweets or other items will be neatly