Luxury Branded boxes

28 2021
Luxury Branded boxes

Even the most luxurious gift can be hopelessly spoiled because of cheap, unpresentable packaging. Just as a diamond needs an appropriate setting, so a good present needs a decent box. You can find fashion branded box packaging in the Cooverbox online store.

You can order goods with a personal design from us. You can buy boxes wholesale and at retail, pick their size and shape for yourself. We deliver all over the world, so you can order magnetic gift boxes from almost any country.

Luxury Branded Boxes

Exclusive branded boxes will be a unique gift or storage space for small household items, showing the personality of their owner. In addition, every company needs brand boxes – at one glance at your box, your clients will know who sent them the package and guess its contents. It is important for a company to put its logo on their branding box. First of all, it’s additional advertising. Then, it’s a way to increase the prestige of your brand and the reputation of your enterprise. And, thirdly, a memorable logo will become your company's business card, which should be both on TM products and on the packaging.

High-quality brand boxes are an effective tool for promoting your business, so why not use it. Please note that Cooverboxes are made from paper. The American manufacturer doesn’t use plastic, which is harmful to the environment, is more expensive than cellulosic raw materials and weighs more than paper and even thick cardboard.

What can you use branded boxes for?

By ordering our boxes, you will definitely not go wrong and you will find a way to use them. They are perfect for both gift wrapping and personal use (storage boxes, shipping boxes, etc.). You can use custom designed boxes in almost all areas of business: street food sale, e-commerce, cosmetic brands, baked goods and sweets, etc.

Features of branded boxes from Cooverbox

The Cooverbox store has a number of features that strengthen our position in the modern market. So, we sell boxes with a lid and without, one-piece boxes and those that consist of two or more parts, with magnetic fastening and flip-flop clasps.

You can order custom brand boxes of any shape, color and size on our site. Buyers can develop their own custom designs.

Where can you order wholesale custom branded boxes for cheap prices?

You can order boxes for gift cards, packaging and storage in the Cooverbox online store. Here, you will find everything you've been looking for. With Cooverbox products, it's always easy to delight your family and friends with amazing packaging, promote your business, and create stylish organizers in your home.