Luxury packaging for clothes

28 2021
Luxury packaging for clothes

From time to time, every family is faced with the need to store seasonal items. So, there is always a question, where to your pack winter and summer clothes when they are not needed? Cooverbox knows the answer – it’s an online store that specializes in selling clothing boxes, as well as other kinds of them.

Storage boxes are popular not only among individuals, but also among corporate clients. Stores face the need for packaging clothing too. They need it for storage and for further shipment of goods.

Cooverbox offers shop owners a useful service – printing logos and other identification marks. Each entrepreneur can choose their own designer packaging boxes. This approach will increase your level of sales and give your brand an excellent reputation.

Luxury packaging for clothes

The store offers boxes for custom clothes wholesale. This is a profitable solution for companies specializing in selling such goods. Unique boxes are made of paper raw materials. The American manufacturer doesn’t work with plastic, which is harmful to the environment and weighs a little more than paper.

You can get dress boxes, as well as custom T-shirt boxes from us. Developing cardboard shoes boxes is also possible. When ordering in Cooverbox, customers can choose not only the design of the product for themselves, but also its:

  • shape;
  • size;
  • color.

Your brand must have its own logo or any other identification mark: emblem, inscription, etc. This increases the prestige of your company. With your own clothing line packaging, customers see that they are dealing with a serious supplier.

What can you use luxury packaging for?

Where you might need custom packaging for clothing? When it comes to stores, Cooverbox boxes can be used to pack goods for sale. If you have large boxes for storing products, you can save space in your warehouse and make it easier to find the thing you need. In addition, it is convenient to ship purchases in the special packaging fashion. A beautiful package will increase customer loyalty, and they will return to you again and again, and this is the main goal of every business owner.

You can also order apparel gift boxes. This packaging option will be a wonderful analogue of gift wrapping paper, since the box itself will look festive, bright and beautiful. Creating customized boxes for products with your own brand image is a fast and effective way to increase your sales and win the love of your customers. It also makes it easy to enter the category of prestigious companies.

As for individuals, there are plenty of ways to use custom garment boxes at home too. Have your children grown up and you need some place to put their clothes? Winter has come, and summer clothes don’t fit in your closet? Are you planning a move? For all of this, you need big shirt shipping boxes, as well as shoe boxes.

Features of packaging for clothes from Cooverbox

The peculiarity of the boxes from Cooverbox lies in their versatility, as well as in the variety of options. So, customers can purchase boxes:

  • with or without a lid;
  • with magnetic fasteners;
  • with a flip-flop system;
  • round or square;
  • of different sizes and colors.

To order custom apparel boxes with logo, you don't need to hold back your imagination, because Cooverbox will fulfill any client's wishes.

Here you will find cool high-quality boxes at an affordable price. There are also options for a gift box for cards. This is an interesting choice for gifts.

Where can you order wholesale custom packaging for clothes cheap?

Individuals and business people will find a great selection of clothing line packaging at Cooverbox. Here, you can make an order, taking into account your personal preferences and the needs of your company. Our products are spacious, lightweight, high quality and durable. And the ability to give the packaging a unique design allows you to get a luxury box.