Personalized gift boxes for jewelry

9 2021
Personalized gift boxes for jewelry

Do you want to please your loved ones, clients and partners with a nice gift? We are happy to help you! Stylish and practical cardboard boxes will be a great addition to your gifts, whether it is a necklace or a gift card. There is no need to give up this pleasure: the price of packaging will not hurt your budget!

Paper boxes with lids for jewelry

The main advantage of a paper box is that it’s made of environmentally friendly raw materials. Thus, clients manage not only to give a wonderful personalized gift but also to emphasize the respect for the environment. Durable gift boxes for jewellery are used for safe storage.

The production of cardboard packaging doesn’t require additional plastic. Modern technology once again emphasizes a responsible attitude to nature. Gift boxes for jewellery can be used for all kinds of gifts, including:

  • necklace;
  • earrings;
  • jewelry set.

A packaging in corporate colors will add to your reputation, so it is worth ordering colored jewellery gift boxes. Their form, type, and other parameters are determined individually. Whatever choice you make, we guarantee that the gift will please the recipient and make your relationships better.

Gift packaging bracelets, necklaces and earrings

Since sizes of gift boxes are different, it is not difficult to place a wholesale order. In addition to choosing the suitable parameters, the Cooverbox online store offers to determine other characteristics. The matte surface of a paper box for jewellery is charming, and the variety of colors allows use to meet any requirements.

So, the store offers not only classic laconic whites but also all kinds of colored options. We offer unique magnetic boxes. Individual selection of gift wrapping according to the content is the best way to please the recipient. Simple process of placing a wholesale order will enhance the enjoyment of the effective cooperation.

What sizes, colors and designs of paper candy boxes can you order?

Find the right bulk jewellery boxes from a wide range of available products and make sure that we don’t limit your choice. Popular options are presented in our catalog, but we are not afraid of non-standard wishes. Before making your choice, check out the available design options:

  1. Form. Do you want to go for a cube-shaped box? Not a problem! Do you need a rectangular packaging? Don’t limit yourself! We don’t have a single standard for the form, but we have everything to meet your wishes.
  2. Material. For the packaging, we use craft paper and durable cardboard with a matte surface. Our products look very attractive. Hurry up! Choose the design!
  3. Color. A wide variety of colors will allow you to purchase exactly a small jewelry gift box you need. Images, patterns, embossing and other ways to emphasize the individual nature of the relationship and the gift.

When it comes to the size of gift boxes, you shouldn't be limited to standard solutions. The personal approach to determining the right parameters sets Cooverbox apart from other companies. You can view all available options on the official website with custom gift boxes for candy or jewellery.

Where can you order wholesale individual jewelry boxes?

Checkout for all kinds of small gift boxes is carried out on the website of our online store. Cooverbox cooperates with reliable rigid pvc box manufacturers, so it’s easy to order products to suit your taste. It is enough to decide on:

  • preferred form;
  • material;
  • dimensions (from 60x60x20 to 600x250x100 mm);
  • number of boxes for jewellery gifts;
  • confirm the registration of the order.

The "Pricing" section will allow you to study the prices of our products. Selection of available options, preliminary cost calculation, clarification of design preferences are at your service. Submit your application, and we will contact you within an hour!