Round Shaped Rigid Boxes

18 of March 2021
Round Shaped Rigid Boxes

Round box for hats is a great option for eco-friendly packaging of gifts, flower bouquets, and headgear. They are superior due to high sides, which make the box roomy, with the lid protecting the contents from possible damage and contamination during transportation. To move it freely, there is a ribbon or rope that distinguishes the round box from the common gift options.

Cardboard is used to produce it, with its the color and material being selected according to the customer’s personal preferences. After all, gift packaging is not just a round gift box, but a prelude to a surprise, which creates the first indelible impression.

What can you use premium round boxes for?

High circle boxes are most often used as packaging for hats. There, the headdress doesn’t crumple, with its brim remaining safe and sound. The tradition of packing hats in high cardboard boxes started in the 19th century, when the hat was an integral garment for any lady. The box shape looks like that because of numerous accessories, such as feathers of exotic birds and fresh flowers. Every lady was eager to have an exclusive hatbox; therefore it was impossible to find 2 piece boxes with the same design.

Modern fashion has transformed round gift boxes with lids giving them a new meaning. Nowadys, hat boxes are used for packing gifts and floral arrangements. Bernard Shaw was the first one to come up with such unusual use of such boxes, who sent flowers in this uncommon form to his beloved.

Another popular direction of using such a box is edible bouquets. They are especially relevant in the winter when the price of fresh flowers soar. Moreover, fruit and berries will be healthy to the birthday person’s body, as well as take him or her by surprise, since few people expect to see food in a hatbox.

Features of round boxes from Cooverbox

When entrusting us to create a batch of hatboxes, each customer can be sure of the product’s quality and uniqueness. Of course, you can use our best practices and experience, or you can create an absolutely unique round shaped paper box, for example, with your brand name.

Every client can choose:

  • shape;
  • size;
  • material;
  • color;
  • design.

Besides the common round or cylindrical shape, we can make heart boxed for gifts for beloved ones. Valentines gift boxes will be relevant not only on the Valentine’s Day, but for romantic dates or marriage proposals as well.

The imitation of silk and velvet used to decorate a luxury round gift box is especially popular, because such elements can emphasize your taste and status.

Necessity of a lid on the box depends on the purpose, since only the box is used to create floral arrangements. The design may include various inscriptions, wishes, company and brand names, as well as pictures and other engraving.

Thanks to a wide color palette, you can create a batch of monochrome or multicolored hat boxes that will be suitable for a woman, a man, and a child. For example, round black and white gift box is perfect for the stronger sex, and delicate shades of pink and peach will appeal to a young girl.

Our packaging products will help to be remembered, will delight the recipient, and will also become a unique token of appreciation.

Where can you order wholesale custom round shaped boxes for cheap prices?

Cooverbox store offers its customers the most diverse packaging products at favorable prices. Since we only work with businesses, the minimum order starts from 50 pieces, so it is important to understand from the very beginning whether you need large or small round boxes. Our clients include gift shops, floral studios, and other retail companies. After all, luxury boxes for packaging greatly increase the customer’s confidence in any product.

Our products are:

  • fashionable;
  • high-quality;
  • eco-friendly;
  • safe.

Due to the extensive experience in creating round shaped boxes, our designers will help you to create a special and unique sketch. You can do this online, with the process not taking much time. The products are always in stock, which means that the time period from shaping the idea to the delivery moment will be minimal.

For regular customers, we are ready to offer flexible terms, the most favorable prices and pleasant bonuses, such as discounts and promotions on wholesale round gift boxes.

Also, our product range includes many other forms: magnetic gift boxes, jewelry boxes, books, and sliders.

By ordering cheap round gift boxes from us, you will get not only a premium-class product, but a pleasant aftertaste from cooperation as well.